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Business Line of Credit

What is a Business Line of Credit?

A business line of credit is a type of small-business loan that functions similar to a credit card. A business line of credit gives you the flexibility of borrowing up to a certain amount based on your credit limit and only paying interest on the amount of money that you borrowed.

We consolidate and restructure your Business Line of Credit

Your business line of credit can be beneficial but it can also add to your debt problem. That’s why we offer line of credit solutions for our clients. Our process pinpoints root and structural challenges and provides sustainable and long term solutions. We believe that settling debt is a vital first step in a multi step process towards your business’s prosperity. From debt restructuring to accounting and cash flow management, our team has the expertise and background to deliver individualized and practical solutions.

How a Business Line of Credit Works

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How can you qualify for a business line of credit with Restoration Funding?

Our Loan Options Facilitate Access To Cash Flow By Providing Non-Credit-Based Solutions For Businesses. We Make Consolidation Opportunities Available By Focusing On The Earnings And Profitability Of Your Business, Not Your Credit Score. We Base Qualification On Your Debt Schedule And Profit/Loss Margins.

Term Length
3 years
# Of Monthly Payments
Monthly Payment Reduced

Do You Qualify? Our Loan Advisors Would Love To Answer Any Questions You May Have About Your Business Loan Options.

Why restructure your debt with Restoration Funding?

Our Consolidation Solutions Provide Multiple Restructuring Options That Can Lower Your Monthly Payments By 60% Or More!

Fast Approval Measures
Trusted And Secure Process
Quick & Easy Funding
Not Based On Credit Score
Affordable Rates
Convenient Repayment

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Who else can benefit from a Business Line of Credit?

Business Services

Funding for Business Services Apply now Alternative Business Services Loans Business Services consist of service providers such as advertisers, computer


Funding for Manufacturers Apply now Alternative Manufacturer Loans Manufacturing Services consist of specialties such as clothing and textiles, food production,


Funding for Retailers Apply now Alternative Retailer Loans Traditional lenders can be difficult to work with when seeking out working

Business Lines of Credit can also benefit restaurants, dental practices, attorneys, dry cleaners, gas stations, pharmacies, and more. No matter what industry you operate in, our expert Funding Advisors will work closely with you to select the best funding option to help you achieve your business’s goals without sacrificing cash flow.

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To qualify for a loan from Restoration Funding we need to see positive cash flow and on average $300K revenue per month or $3mm gross revenue on an annual basis

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To qualify for a loan from Restoration Funding we need to see positive cash flow and on average $300K revenue per month or $3mm gross revenue on an annual basis

To qualify for a loan from Restoration Funding we need to see positive cash flow and on average $300K revenue per month or $3mm gross revenue on an annual basis


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